Message from the CEO

Based on a strong belief in the value of education to our society, El Rabwa Group, established in 2009, is committed to delivering quality education that meets the needs of our local community.

El Rabwa Group believes that education gives us the necessary tools to be effective as adults. Education enables us to answer questions to the problems around us and it also teaches us about the world and how we can contribute to society. El Rabwa Group firmly believes that quality education is essential for Egypt to reach its full potential.

The vision of El-Rabwa Group is to develop lifelong learners, able to think independently and make decisions, who are global citizens who also value their own cultural heritage. Our first school, Global Paradigm International School (GPIS), is strongly established in the local market as a quality school who cares for their students deeply. Graduates of GPIS have been accepted to world class universities in a several countries.

Two years ago, El Rabwa established two additional schools in Mostakbal City. Both Global Paradigm English and Global Paradigm Baccalaureate Schools are state if the art campuses that are committed to providing quality education for the next generation of Egyptians, within these new international curriculum frameworks.

Providing different curriculum frameworks offers parents choices in the style of education their children receive. El Rabwa Group assures that regardless of system, the quality of their children’s education will be of the highest standards.

We thank you for choosing El Rabwa Group.

Yours sincerely

Gaafar Hussein