School Counseling

Counseling is designed to facilitate students’ life achievements and improve their behavior. It helps them develop on the social and academic level in order to reach their maximum potential.

Counseling programs are crucial at our school, especially with the recent changes and developments of new forms of bullying, and cyberbullying that may affect the mental health and social life of a student. Students use technology for communication and other academic reasons, which puts them at risk for difficult types of bullying that may have a negative impact on their life and development.

At Global Paradigm English School, we are dedicated to supporting the personal, social and academic success of our students. We acknowledge that the students’ psychological and emotional wellbeing is crucial to their academic achievement and socialization within their communities. To achieve that, school staff and parents/guardians may refer the students for counseling, or the students may request counseling themselves. Reasons for counseling could include, but are not limited to self-esteem, relationship difficulties, emotional issues, mood disturbances, bullying and academic planning.

The counselor at GPES advocates for all students to ensure they receive the necessary social, emotional, and academic support to recognize and unlock their potential. The counseling program at GPES promotes learning and provides a developmentally appropriate and accessible program for all members of the GPES community. The counseling program is dedicated to the ethos of GPES in which students are empowered to be caring, open-minded, respectful, and responsible individuals living successfully in a global community.

Our School Counselors help all students: 

  • apply academic achievement strategies
  • manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills