Who We Are

El Rabwa Group established in 2009, to provide quality educational services to Egypt.

El Rabwa Group, envision education as the backbone of the nation’s growth.We at El Rabwa strive to provide a world class educational service. We started our business model by establishing Global Paradigm International School (GPIS) as our first flagship school.

GPIS opened its doors in September 2010. Within 10 years, it has become an established name in the educational community. Providing a rigorous American Diploma program, with the option of the IB Diploma program in High School, GPIS is now ranked among the top 10 international schools in Egypt. With a waiting list in most grade levels, GPIS has graduates studying across the globe.

Our vision always included a complex of schools that meet the needs of the growing capital city.

For the academic year September 2021/22, two new schools opened their doors Global Paradigm Baccalaureate School (GPBS) and Global Paradigm English School (GPES) will respectively provide a full International Baccalaureate (IB) and a British educational program of study.

While education will always be our central focus and area of expertise, El Rabwa Group is also committed to broadening our scope through a new venture developing a Mix Use Real Estate project in Mostakbal City. These projects aim to develop an attractive suburban setting around the location of our new schools’ complex.

El Rabwa Group Mission Statement 

Our mission is to develop a chain of schools that operates under the highest standards of teaching and learning to produce young citizens with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. Within a caring, respectful environment.

The company aims to implement its educational model throughout all branches regardless of type of curriculum implement. The Company is committed to elevating educational standards and operational procedure in any country it operates in.

The company strives to place itself amongst the top educational providers in the Middle East.